What will you learn with Mimo Dev?

Mimo Dev is designed to support you at every stage. Using evidence-informed methods, we introduce and help you integrate new skills so that you apply them to various challenges and build exciting projects of your own.

The Mimo Method™️ — our unique teaching methodology.


Integrate new knowledge and skills through guided interactive lessons.


Strengthen your skills and knowledge through repetition of concept questions and coding problems.

Code Challenges

Put your skills to the test by solving realistic coding problems on your own.

Proficiency projects

Work on guided projects to further hone your skills and prepare to work on bigger projects of your own.

Portfolio projects

Create and launch projects that you’ll want to show off and prove you are a serious web developer.

Designed to help you land your dream job

Focused on your career

At Mimo Dev, you’ll not only learn the industry's most in-demand skills but will also get prepared to ace the interviews with potential employers or your first clients.

Your portfolio, filled in with projects

During the Mimo Dev program, your GitHub will get filled with 6-15 professional projects that stand out to employers.

Code reviews from industry experts

You'll receive detailed feedback on each project you submit. We’ll help you make sure your code is in line with the best practices and industry standards.

Soft skills

Team interactions, communication, or flexibility can sometimes matter more than the code you write. At Mimo Dev, you’ll develop your soft skills too and will learn as a part of a group to be prepared to work in a team.

Skills you’ll learn

You’ll cover the fundamentals required for any web developer by learning a stack of the most popular technologies. As a result, you’ll create an impressive portfolio of projects that you’ll be proud to share with the world and potential employers.


40 hours


80 hours


180 hours


120 hours

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Soft skills and other competencies

During the program, you’ll also develop the soft skills that will help you change your career to the one that fits your lifestyle.

Developer thinking

  • Asking the right questions
  • Problem solving
  • Breaking down problems
  • Prioritizing development effort
  • Overcoming the imposter syndrome and building up confidence


  • Using developer tools
  • Reviewing other developers’ code
  • Using documentation effectively
  • Pseudocode
  • Writing DRY code

Extended learning

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Team collaboration and communication
  • Helping other developers and asking the community for help
  • Cultivating a growth mindset
  • Effective goal-setting and planning

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Curriculum overview

Gain the skills to change your career to something you truly enjoy, all without quitting your current job

Prework 1

Section 1

HTML & CSS Intro

Start learning how HTML and CSS are used to create and style basic webpages.
Section 2

HTML Basics

Create webpages using HTML tags.
Section 3

CSS Basics

Create CSS rules in a stylesheet to style elements
Section 4

JS Basics

Create variables storing numbers, strings, and booleans

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Prework 2

Section 1

HTML Intermediate

Link multiple HTML files to create a website
Section 2

Semantic HTML

Use semantic elements to make your code more readable.
Section 3

CSS Classes

Use classes to style groups of elements
Section 4

Types and Comparisons

Store the result of comparisons in variables

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Prework 3

Section 1

Accessibility Basics

Learn how to create accessible webpages
Section 2

HTML Forms

Gather user input using forms
Section 3

CSS Layout Fundamentals

Position elements on a webpage
Section 4


Code conditionals to build programs that make decisions

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Unit 1 - Build responsive web pages using Flexbox

Section 1

Flexbox Basics

Recall the basic principles of Flexbox
Section 2

Flexbox Containers

Design complex layouts using Flexbox
Section 3

Flexbox Items

Grow and shrink items using Flexbox
Section 4


Create loops to repeat lines of code
Section 5

Version Control (Git)

Use Git and GitHub to better manage your code changes

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Unit 2 - CSS Grid & JavaScript Fundamentals

Section 1

CSS Grid

Create a CSS grid using rows and columns
Section 2


Use arrays to store a group of values in a variable
Section 3


Code functions to make code reusable and easier to read
Section 4


Create objects to store related values into a variable
Section 5

Applied Functions

Build function that change their output based on input

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Unit 3 - Create interactive pages using JavaScript

Section 1


Learn how to use ES6 arrow functions
Section 2

Array Operations

Optimize your workflow with array operations
Section 3

Dynamic Web and the DOM

Use HTML and JavaScript to create interactive elements. Learn about the document object model tree and position-based access
Section 4

Querying Webpages

Use JavaScript to change a webpage's HTML
Section 5

JS Events

Use JavaScript events to make webpages react
Section 6

Async JS

Learn to override the normal execution flow to handle external data

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Unit 4 - Extend JavaScript with Modules and Node.js

Section 1

JS Classes

Learn how to use ES6 arrow functions
Section 2


Use import and export statements to modularise a codebase into different files
Section 3


Learn how to use JS outside of the browser on the backend

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Unit 5 - Create interactive UIs with React

Section 1

React Basics

Use React to make complex webpages faster than ever
Section 2

React Intermediate

Advance your React skills and quickly build up websites
Section 3

React Hooks

Learn what hooks are and how to use them
Section 4

React Advanced

Add more complex logic to your React components

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Unit 6 - Advanced React Projects

Section 1

React Solo Project

Design and build an SPA of your choosing with React

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Unit 7 - Final project

Section 1

React Final Project

Work solo or on a team to build an SPA with React
Section 2

Portfolio and Final Project Demo

Polish your portfolio and prepare your final project for presentation to wrap up the bootcamp

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Launch your dream career in tech





If you’re still unsure, schedule a call with our career specialists to see if Mimo Dev is right for you

Frequently asked

How will my typical week look like?

Every week, you will get a new study plan from your personal instructor, which will consist of different skills, projects and coding challenges you can complete on your own time. In addition, you'll have weekly live session where your instructor will talk through a coding project, explain new concepts and answer questions.

You can pick 1 out of 4 live call options each week. The options are spread out on different days and times to fit your schedule.

Each week, you'll also have multiple short calls with the rest of the study group to check in on each others progress and discuss potential roadblocks. In addition to the regularly scheduled sessions, you'll set up Bi-weekly 1:1 calls with your personal coach, where you can discuss concepts in-depth and talk about your weekly study plan.

Each month, we'll also host special community events, like Q&A sessions with famous developers or group hackathons.

Can I complete the program from anywhere?

Yes. You'll only need a computer with a microphone and a webcam as well as a fast and reliable internet connection. Ideally, you're in a European/African/US time zone to make sure you can attend live sessions and office hours.

Do I need coding skills to apply?

No, you don't. What's essential is that you're very motivated and have a strong interest in coding. While we'll work hard to get every student to the same level, the program has to keep moving, so your dedication is what matters.

Will the live sessions be mandatory?

No, they're not mandatory, however we highly encourage you to join them each week. There are 4 different time slots each week to choose from, so it will be easy to find a time that fits. We'll make sure to record all live sessions so you can watch them afterwards in case you can't make it.

Will you help me with hiring?

Yes. We provide career coaching and interview preparation. We'll do mock interviews with you and help you polish your online resume and portfolio, and facilitate introductions through our network.

How big will the cohorts be?

We're purposefully trying to keep our cohorts to around 40 people so we can fully support each student. Live sessions will have 10 people on average in one call.

Why does this program focus on web development?

Web development continues to be the most in-demand area for junior developer roles. It also suits itself perfectly to our teaching methods and tools.

What if I already know how to code?

Great, you'll have a head start! Unless you already consider yourself a developer, you'll still get a lot of value from the program. You’ll still learn state-of-the-art technologies, best practices, development principles and workflows, and get help landing a job.

Can I really become an employable developer within 6 months?

Yes! As long as you stay motivated and spend around 20 hours per week, you'll be able to master the skills necessary to find your first software development job.

How much time do I need?

You should dedicate around 20 hours per week.

What kind of jobs will I be able to land after completing the program?

The typical job profile is frontend developer. Any website you visit and anything you see, click on, or otherwise interact with on it is the work of a frontend developer. As a junior frontend developer, you'll create the visible part of websites and web apps. You'll code the frontend and take care of debugging, too.

Do I need Mimo Pro to start Mimo Dev?

No, you don't. Mimo Dev is designed to be completed without using the Mimo mobile app, however, we think it's a great additional tool to practice when you're on the go. If you sign up for Mimo Dev, we'll give you free access to Mimo Pro as well.