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Luca Porcelli


What was your background before Mimo Bootcamp?

I was a manager at a restaurant for over five year, but I had already started my professional transition with Open University.

Why did you want to transform your career?

I wanted a better work/life balance, a more structured work week, and work in the technology sector.

What convinced you to enroll in Mimo Bootcamp?

I came across Mimo way back. I first got a Pro membership for the app, and a few months ago, I had the brilliant idea of enrolling in the bootcamp. I felt like Mimo could help me unshackle from my feeling of inadequacy.

How did Mimo Bootcamp prepare you for your new career?

It wasn't just the technology that Mimo Bootcamp offered. What I gained from the course was the ability to understand “coding” and how to work on a project. Specifically, I learned that learning itself is a process and making mistakes is key to getting results. Before, I was afraid of making mistakes, so I wasn't even trying.

What advice would you give a new Mimo Bootcamp student?

Don't be afraid to schedule a one-on-one call with your instructors. They're wonderful people who are always happy to help and will either show you the solution or lead you to it.

How did you approach your overall job search?

I felt really nervous about applying for a job as a web developer because I didn't think I had enough knowledge. However, I realized that the only way to get a job was to apply. I thought, "You can't get a job if you don't apply, and the worst that can happen is that they won't hire you." So I started looking for junior positions in my area, prioritizing office jobs over remote ones, as I wanted to get good mentoring and experience by working on-site.

Which job search strategies worked for you, and which ones did not work?

Applying for as many positions as possible is an ineffective strategy, as I learned through trial and error. After receiving some rejections, I decided to restructure my CV and make it more appealing. Since my technical knowledge was limited to completing Mimo Bootcamp and attending university, I began emphasizing my soft skills. Additionally, I narrowed down my job applications to a few companies in the geographical area where I really wanted to work. This allowed me to accomplish two things: 1) I could better keep track of the interview process because I had fewer application processes to manage, and 2) I had the opportunity to analyze the tech stack used in my area, so I started learning some new skills in the meantime.

What are your strengths, and how did you develop them?

Personally, I feel that my intuition is strong. Once I understand a core concept, it becomes natural for me to recall that knowledge and use it when needed. I enjoy learning and am always open to asking questions.

How do you respond and stay motivated when rejected from a job?

That's a hard one. I probably received more than 40 rejection emails. In the beginning, I wasn't responding to them, thinking that maybe they hadn't read my resume. Eventually, when I began applying to a few selected companies, I started replying and asking what criteria were taken into consideration and at what point I fell short. In some cases, the answer was logical, and I worked on improving myself for the next round.

What insights can you share with other Mimo students?

Don't be intimidated by the requested technologies in job ads. Often, they are just guidelines and may not have been written by the hiring manager you'll be reporting to. A job ad may list a broad range of technologies like Bootstrap, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Linux, PHP, WordPress, etc. However, during the interview, you might learn that the hiring manager may only require Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. So, don't be afraid.

What's your new job?

I'm a Junior Web Developer at a Cardiff-based company called designdough. For the first six months, my main tasks will revolve around learning the environment and working on website content maintenance using HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

Are you working remotely, on-site, or in a hybrid setting?

For the first year, I specifically asked for in-office work. In fact, I have never worked in an office before and want to make the most of my mentoring period.

How is the work environment?

The office is gorgeous. Everyone has their own standing desk, and the people are very helpful and easygoing. Most of them have a non-tech background, like me, and we have a casual dress code. Other perks include a pool table located in the lunch area, as well as coffee, tea, and soft drinks. Did I mention the pool table in the middle of the lunch area? Additionally, the company organizes Friday night events for team building.

What tech stack does the organization use?

They use CSS, HTML, PHP, and WordPress at the moment but are looking to transition to React. And while those websites are not yet in production, they’re on the roadmap.

Areas you are now focused on learning or continuing to learn?

I'm currently working to further improve my frontend skills, but I have also started a journey to become more familiar with backend technologies. Over the next few months, I will be learning Python, as well as algorithms and data structures.

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“What I gained from the course was the ability to better understand “coding” and how to work on a project”

Luca Porcelli

Front-end Developer

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